Sugarcane Family
  Blake and Sean met in 2009 at a bar in the West Loop of Chicago that they both worked Read more.
  The first Romanian “Chicago House” export, Tibi Fratila became known as TBF since his debut in 2007. In the Read more.
The Candy Dealers
  The Candy Dealers were born the moment two friends stepped into the studio together and decided to fuse their Read more.
The Quirk Burglars
  The Quirk Burglars are two DJs and Producers (Matthew Douglas and Drew Tempest) from Kent, England. Their music has seen Read more.
Trevor Vichas
  Compared to Derrick Carter or early DJ Sneak , Trevor Vichas, a mainstay of the Portland and Seattle scenes Read more.
  Starting out as a soulful Jazz quintet with a splash of Hip-Hop, Uneaq gained experience as they preformed around Read more.